100% domestic 100% natural 0% care Mummified Algae, also known as "Preserved Moss"; They are 100% natural decorative interior landscaping products that do not need water, sun and soil, preserve the texture, color, odor forms and vitality of the first day to a great extent and live long lifetimes.
Outdoor and indoor plants do not grow in all regions. While some of the outdoor and indoor plants grow very well in some regions, others may not grow and develop in the same area, therefore, it is necessary to choose suitable plants for production. Producing varieties that are not suitable for the region is a waste of labor. While it is so difficult to make the production area of these plants suitable for the outdoor area, how much is it possible to take these produced outdoor plants indoors and keep them. At this point, you will share and experience the possibility with our products. These plants, which cannot provide the balance of heat, moisture and water in the interior and are deformed in a short time, make the naturalness of the interiors possible for many years with the (shock-stabilized-protection) mummification process, and we offer this to you with 0% maintenance. Environmentally friendly mummified plants, unlike plants that can easily live outdoors but need special care to survive when they enter indoors; It is produced to beautify our living spaces without the need for sun, water, soil, spraying and special care.
Live trees, plants and mosses gather at the time of their life cycle when they have the best appearance. After this particular selection, the plants are put into a mummification process. The process is started at the point where the best balance between humidity, heat and light is found. These conditions are constantly monitored. The solution that provides the mummification process of the plants, with a special formulation that we have prepared without any harm to humans and nature; it is allowed to pull from the roots of the plants or the ends of the cut branches. The plant is now replaced by the prepared solution instead of its own sap and begins to absorb the solution up to its thinnest veins, and thus the mummification process is completed. Depending on the structure and type of the plant, the processing time varies between 5 days and 90 days. The mummified plants are packaged and made ready for shipment and application. It can be produced in different sizes according to special situations, locations and requests
• They are environmentally friendly plants that do not require sun and water, do not need soil, do not require maintenance, • It adds naturalness to the atmosphere of the spaces by preserving the texture, color, odor forms and vitality of the first day, • Can live up to 10 years when necessary conditions are met • It can be used safely in all closed areas as there is no carbon dioxide emission. • It is antibacterial: it does not cause parasites and insects, • It is aesthetic and ecological • They do not photosynthesize; its volume remains constant and under control • Stabilized plants are the perfect solution, they are eye-catching and have an exotic feel, • They provide sound insulation, • The area on which a high quality natural planting study is carried out provides long-term permanence due to its features
In addition to ensuring that the plants remain 100% natural with the "Eternisation (mummification)" technique that we specially use in environmentally friendly plants; These plants live with you for many years without the need for irrigation, sunlight, pruning and care, since we preserve the balance of plants such as sun, water, humidity, soil, and spraying.

It lives up to 10 years when the necessary conditions are met.

• It should be positioned not to be exposed to direct sunlight, • It should be kept away from places where the air flow is intense while the plants are positioned, • Generally, it can be used safely in all areas where people live comfortably

With its versatile possibilities of use, mummified plants are a new generation solution partner that can be used not only by the landscape sector, but also by artists in every line of design. The products are exhibits superior performance in terms of aesthetics and visuals in areas and in every sector.

Liken moss, FlatMoss, MossBall and plants are commonly referred to as protected plants. Protected plants are natural plants that are stabilized with special techniques, do not need water, sun and care under any circumstances, are 100% organic and harmless to human health.

Yes, all of our products are 100% natural.

The life span of protected plants and flowers is a minimum of 5 to 7 years under optimum conditions.

Moss walls are 100% natural. It does not contain any chemicals and is antiallergic. Thanks to its antistatic structure, it does not hold any dust. Nevertheless, if there are particles that accumulate on them apart from its antistatic feature, it can be cleaned by gently hitting them once a year with the help of a clothing.

No. Moss walls do not attract any insects and the like

No, protected plants preserve their flexibility and natural appearance without requiring soil, water and sunlight thanks to the natural protection technique

Under direct sunlight, blackening, drying and color changes occur in plants and algae.

It can be used in all closed areas where the humidity does not fall below 40% required for normal human living conditions and does not exceed 70%. Likewise, it can be used in all closed areas where the temperature does not fall below 0 degrees and does not exceed 40 degrees.

Since they are natural plants, they have a typical natural forest scent. But over time, this smell dissipates.

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