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MossArt Deco Natural Decorative Products Import Export Limited Company is a manufacturer company specializing in the production of Preserved Moss, Preserved Plants, Preserved Flowers, Stabilized Flowers and Decorative Crafts.

MossArt Deco sells all products it produces in the field of natural decoration, wholesale and retail, to customers around the world.

Our product group consists of Preserved Moss, Preserved lichen, Preserved Plant, Preserved Tree, Preserved Palm, green wall, Preserved flower, Preserved Greenry, moss wall, Preserved bonsai, cochedema, Preserved bamboo and natural decorative products. All the materials we use are natural, collected in an environmentally friendly manner, and delivery is guaranteed over time.

Apart from the production, sales and export of natural decoration products, we are performing decoration applications for shopping malls, hotels, spas, residential sites, business centers and public spaces.

Preserved algae we produce are the result of a Research and Development process that takes many years. For this reason, we offer our customers as an innovative product developed according to higher quality standards in terms of color, softness, durability and price.

In Preserved Plant, we have the knowledge and techniques to produce in an environmentally friendly and renewable manner. We offer high quality production to our customers.

We apply our expertise in every aspect of our products: From the supply of high quality processed products to individual arrangements protecting our flowers and our organic formula, we put forward our expertise. We only select high quality and 100% natural herbs and take care of each product for preserved . Thus, our products are of high quality and retain their first-day freshness for years.

As MossArt Deco, we work with the desire to spread natural products to the whole world instead of artificial plastic products that harm the environment and our goal is to share the passion for a green world with our customers.

Improving your life with green designs is the mission of MossArtDeco, and this mission has rewarded us with the pursuit of loyal and enthusiastic customers willing to transform their spaces with natural decorative products.

We have established close relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers to work long-term, so that we not only provide prompt and reliable service, but constantly advance expectations and goals. We also have a bond with those who work with us and we are a reliable partner for them. We will continue to do so.

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